Retired and fired


friends last forever

friends last forever

Hey my amazing people!Sorry for keeping outta touch this season as I was recovering from a gobsmacking shock I received only too early. How have you all been?

To pep the blog up I’ve got a brand new discussion theme…friends. According to me(mostly) , friends are the people who try to make sure that you keep smiling and don’t fall into depression and those who involve you in everything no matter what you look like, sound like or talk like, and also those whom you can talk to about anything and everything even if you aren’t together. So this was a big jalopy for me that we are no longer together …I guess as traumatic compensation we are being included together for our field trips, and sports and an ECA.

Somehow it’s still not enough. It’s because we don’t take risks to make a memory, we don’t grab the chance and we take our buddies for granted so when we part, we don’t know what to do without them. Hope this gave you some food for thought…Stay cool people…B)



Thanx a lot

Thanks a lot people for commenting on my posts. I feel honoured at having such a fan following.Also I give you prior permission to share thisinfo with any group you wish to. However the posts are a work of originality by me only so copyright reserved. Ilovemusic18 is again an inspirational blog created by my friend Emerald who also my blog follower. The other commenters and followers plz don’t feel bad cause I am more of a writer not reader. Plz tell others about and like or follow my posts.also comment as much as u can!


The thing is we only use a mini pini part of ou brain. The rest we leave to rust. But what if there’s a possibility to train the rest of the brain to do superhuman things such as fly, disappear, apparate(teleport), be  super strong, morph or do other such things? Please comment  with ideas on how to  achieve this.

Roaring century

I am back with a fresh new post regarding the life and times of a total freak(me!)

The thing is, life never works out the way you want it to. All clauses and improbabilities will never be amended. Since the ecology has decided that we must not get exactly what we wish for,  we don’t. But we can shift gears and try running another approach, speaking of which can anyone give something other than a decoy to retrieve an important artefact?

Also  the fact is plain, girls are better than boys at most things such as amount of work done, tactics and tchniques, creative abilities and such(which is done speaking from a complete third party observer’s point with absolutely no personal interest in the matter) and also sincerely speaking with disregard to any offensive point of view, the universe is khiladi’s maidan(hindi). Play right, no score for the opponent and absolutely no disregard from the opposing team instead gaining admiration and supportive stance.

Expanding universe

Theoretically speaking, scientists are wrong about most stuff. Firstly, if the big bang theory suggests that the universe is constantly expanding like a balloon(metaphorically) , what lies outside the gianormous universal balloon?

For example, you are blowing a balloon in a room. Around the balloon is the environment, you , other people… honestly has anyone known about what is outside the universe? Nah, no chance. And what was before the bang? Hello?

Then there is the multiverse theory. They say…ours is one of several disconnected universes, the small patch of which we can actually observe even in our own….yeah and what’s after all those disconnected universes? Maybe there are doorways to parallel universes, mythical, legendary, imaginative, mystical worlds….who knows?

Scientists out there, don’t think of yourself as clever….you dont know everything, practically speaking.


What can you say about Doomsday?

It was supposed to come  and where did it go?? Flew away like the leaves in the wind. Doomsday can also be called ‘the day that never comes’ so can we call doomsday ‘tomorrow’? For when tomorrow comes, we call it today. BTW, how annoying when you expect something to happen and then it doesn’t. Comment on this post and wait for an answer.