Fiction responsive

Firstly allow me to apologise for so unscrupulously remarking upon fiction. I myself adore all forms of fiction especially ones thet involve magic or thriller.

Remarkably speaking , so upon this subject the fact that still remains is, whether perhaps, this can be called real? I state as such because I wish to preside upon the fact that the idea has got to come from somewhere. Perhaps the ancestors of that person had seen such a situation in real life and the memory got passed down genetically till it was considerd to be a part of that person’s unreal perspective, in simple words(ISW) imagination.

Also the intellectual level of some humans is such that they do not consider such a possibility to be partially or theoretically true. If our looks, mannerisms and talents usually seem to be inherited from our ancestral generation, why aren’t memories? In the context of wht has been written above, which of course is in my perfectly realistic opinion and not copied from anywhere else, and is also part of my logical reasoning, perhaps time machines had existed before, or portals that have been shut, or deep magic from time’s dawn or the potter platform 9 3/4 , maybe we could be descendants of time travellers  or witches….(in harry potter’s context).

Hope you intellectual folk have enjoyed reading this , gained some food for thought…comment for answers


One thought on “Fiction responsive

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