Do you believe?

Hey snaps!

It’s me again, back with a fresh new post on belief. Do we all have something to believe in? Well, we must. It gives us curiosity about life, something to look out for, something to investigate.

We may be atheists or religious believers. We may worship nature or our ancestors, idols or The One. But we believe. We believe in ourselves and in the people that strengthen us.We can believe in anything we choose to, but we should believe can’t he cans of life, not the can’ts.

I believe in small ordinary acts of kindness or bravery; acts that help our society develop step by step. Life is amazing. learn to cherish it .

Yours truly,

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2 thoughts on “Do you believe?

  1. So you believe in God? I might. Are you a priest? I am just a young boy who needs faith in life. My ma and grammy are in Sweden . Give me advice….

    • You have to believe in something, little kid. Life may throw stuff at you but you should not break. In fact, I would suggest you listen to ‘the climb’ by Miley Cyrus and some Demi lovato songs…even if you are a guy it helps.
      Write to me again soon, Jordan.

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