The Best of the World Wide Web: Virtual worlds 1


Hey wonderful friends and following!

I am an avid explorer of the Web World and  I realized that everyone deserves to experience the best of it. Therefore here are a few links to my all time fave virtual worlds and hope u enjoy!

An interesting 3D scope world to explore, make friends , decorate personalized spaces , train pets, rise to VIP status, and chill with buds. My top hangouts include Harlem High School, Scoops Ice Cream Parlour, Town Centre, Cue Club and Disneyland SW. Watch out for bad language and unspeakable crime!

An interactive virtual world for girls to shop,gossip, design, work in careers, form clubs and make new friends . Con that it’s not that versatile.

  • Tinkatolli

Actually meant for kids, very educational, safe and amusing. Allows kids to create stuff.

So far I could only get so many. Tune in to get more ASAP!



Any queries will be answered in the next update...Glad u like us!

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