Retired and fired


friends last forever

friends last forever

Hey my amazing people!Sorry for keeping outta touch this season as I was recovering from a gobsmacking shock I received only too early. How have you all been?

To pep the blog up I’ve got a brand new discussion theme…friends. According to me(mostly) , friends are the people who try to make sure that you keep smiling and don’t fall into depression and those who involve you in everything no matter what you look like, sound like or talk like, and also those whom you can talk to about anything and everything even if you aren’t together. So this was a big jalopy for me that we are no longer together …I guess as traumatic compensation we are being included together for our field trips, and sports and an ECA.

Somehow it’s still not enough. It’s because we don’t take risks to make a memory, we don’t grab the chance and we take our buddies for granted so when we part, we don’t know what to do without them. Hope this gave you some food for thought…Stay cool people…B)


Any queries will be answered in the next update...Glad u like us!

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