Roaring century

I am back with a fresh new post regarding the life and times of a total freak(me!)

The thing is, life never works out the way you want it to. All clauses and improbabilities will never be amended. Since the ecology has decided that we must not get exactly what we wish for,  we don’t. But we can shift gears and try running another approach, speaking of which can anyone give something other than a decoy to retrieve an important artefact?

Also  the fact is plain, girls are better than boys at most things such as amount of work done, tactics and tchniques, creative abilities and such(which is done speaking from a complete third party observer’s point with absolutely no personal interest in the matter) and also sincerely speaking with disregard to any offensive point of view, the universe is khiladi’s maidan(hindi). Play right, no score for the opponent and absolutely no disregard from the opposing team instead gaining admiration and supportive stance.

One thought on “Roaring century

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