Expanding universe

Theoretically speaking, scientists are wrong about most stuff. Firstly, if the big bang theory suggests that the universe is constantly expanding like a balloon(metaphorically) , what lies outside the gianormous universal balloon?

For example, you are blowing a balloon in a room. Around the balloon is the environment, you , other people… honestly has anyone known about what is outside the universe? Nah, no chance. And what was before the bang? Hello?

Then there is the multiverse theory. They say…ours is one of several disconnected universes, the small patch of which we can actually observe even in our own….yeah and what’s after all those disconnected universes? Maybe there are doorways to parallel universes, mythical, legendary, imaginative, mystical worlds….who knows?

Scientists out there, don’t think of yourself as clever….you dont know everything, practically speaking.

2 thoughts on “Expanding universe

  1. Now seriously? Scientists are much more cleverer than u so start investigating yourself if you haven’t heard of cosmology!

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