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Do you believe?

Hey snaps!

It’s me again, back with a fresh new post on belief. Do we all have something to believe in? Well, we must. It gives us curiosity about life, something to look out for, something to investigate.

We may be atheists or religious believers. We may worship nature or our ancestors, idols or The One. But we believe. We believe in ourselves and in the people that strengthen us.We can believe in anything we choose to, but we should believe can’t he cans of life, not the can’ts.

I believe in small ordinary acts of kindness or bravery; acts that help our society develop step by step. Life is amazing. learn to cherish it .

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Women Empowerment: A Cause

Hi extraordinary people!

I am back with a critical issue that is women empowerment. Women are strong, intelligent, independent characters that deserve as much equal treatment and respect as men. They need to be empowered in education, employment and privilege to make decisions and take part in activities.

However does women empowerment go against the principle of equal rights? Why do we need to give them better?


Ahem, powering down…see you later!

The Best of the World Wide Web: Virtual worlds 1


Hey wonderful friends and following!

I am an avid explorer of the Web World and  I realized that everyone deserves to experience the best of it. Therefore here are a few links to my all time fave virtual worlds and hope u enjoy!

An interesting 3D scope world to explore, make friends , decorate personalized spaces , train pets, rise to VIP status, and chill with buds. My top hangouts include Harlem High School, Scoops Ice Cream Parlour, Town Centre, Cue Club and Disneyland SW. Watch out for bad language and unspeakable crime!

An interactive virtual world for girls to shop,gossip, design, work in careers, form clubs and make new friends . Con that it’s not that versatile.

  • Tinkatolli

Actually meant for kids, very educational, safe and amusing. Allows kids to create stuff.

So far I could only get so many. Tune in to get more ASAP!


Theory 1

If your best friend begins talking to his/ her other friends, then you feel like you have been left out from the conversation.

Let best friend – B, other friend – O and you- Y

Therefore B+ O= [B+Y] – Y

This proves that friends are capable of exclusion and hurt too.

Hope you find this theory useful and apply it in situations to discover how mysterious life is.


Hi everyone…back with a fresh new idea for you all…Evolution? What does that have to do with the regular mysteries of the universe? Well, considering the theory that we evolved from monkeys and apes, where in the universe did they come from? Odd, huh? And let’s suppose God created us…was it the mud sculpture theory or the divine breath that multiplied? ( No joke intended) Anyway, evolution is a process that is totally strange and it will stop only if one full world has identical people in it which is impossible.

So adieu, mes amis and see you all next time!

Why are we born?

In my opinion-based world I would love to know why we even exist if we are going to die.

Currently I feel that we are born because we have to learn the meaning of life over and over again so we do not repeat these mistakes in the afterlife…till we learn from them, we shall never stop existing. In one of the future posts you will find out my opinion on why space is endless. Till now I have always felt that we are born because there are stages and personalities that one has to survive to pass a complete exam in Heaven. So what if I believe in afterlife? There will be a post on this too later on.

Thanks as usual for viewing my blog….food for thought, appear!


Everyone has ideas on friendship – a close relationship, or just chillaxing with people you’ve known forever…

Therefore it is  surprising when we discover that our friends have gone their way without us. Friends are supposed to be with us forever through good and bad, we think. I agree, it is so true. And it is so comforting to have a supporter by your side in case an argument breaks. Friends are those whom you can trust to keep your deepest, darkest secrets and those who will be there for you no matter what.  Basically you acquire friends by searching for people with the same interests as you. It is also highly likely that opposites stay together longer than total twins. But whether same interests or not, most importantly, your friend should be able to accept you and love you for who you truly are without criticizing you everyday.

Hope this has been a valuable idea on who friends are.